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Tempered Lacquered Glass

Tempered Lacquered Glasses are specially for use in interiors and to make them look fresh and innovative. It has a coloured opaque appearance which is achieved by the application of special high-quality paint to one surface of the glass, oven cured through a superior process.


  • Durability: Tempered Lacquered Glass are ensured that the beautiful colours last longer.
  • High-quality finish: The manufacturing process guarantees uniform finish, thereby ensuring that the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass.
  • Ease: These glasses can be easily used and maintained.
  • Environment-friendly: The paints used in the manufacture of glasses are environmentally friendly.
  • Processing: Glasses can be cut, drilled, ground, beveled and edge-finished or polished.
  • Heat resistance: Lacquered can withstand temperatures upto 80°C. However, prolonged exposure to high temperature could result in slight fading of colour.
  • Moisture resistance: It can be used in humid environments, like bathroom and kitchens. However, it should not be in regular contact with water.